The Miller Boys

Unautographed Magazines, Programs, and Scorecards in year order and Playbills.

1919 University of Illinois 620 pages all about write ups & pictures about Illinois. Also, George Halas. EX/MT P&H is 10. $92.

1928 Illinois vs. Chicago Stagg Field U of Chicago. Stagg vs. Zuppke. Excellent 4 panel program. $135.

1930 Minnesota Gophers w/569 pages. All about write ups & pictures about Minnesota including the Great Bronko Nagunski & other sports. EX/MT, P&H is 10. $92.

1932 Chicago Bears at Wrigley. Official Program with Nagurski, Trafton, Grange etc. vs. Green Bay Packers with Hinkle, Hubbard etc. Ex+. $1100.

1932 Chicago Bears at Wrigley Official Program with Nagurski, Trafton, Grange etc. vs. New York Giants with Hein, Cagle, Badgro etc. Steve Owen Coach. Ex-Mt. $1150.

1932 N.Y. Giants with Ott, Terry, Lindstrom, Hubbell & gang vs. Pittsburgh Pirates with Paul Waner, Pie Traynor & rest, scorecard is in 2 pages, but very clear and nice for a piece this old $70.

1933 Boston Braves vs. NY. Giants with Ott, Hubbell. VG. $60.

1933 Chicago Cardinals 4pg. Program. I think 1933 vs. Chi Bears with Bronko Nagurski & Red Grange etc. Ex-Mt. $1400.

1933 N.Y. Giants with O'Doul, Ott, Terry at the Polo Grounds vs. St. Louis Cardinals with Frisch, Martin, Medwick, Dean. 10pgs. Ex. $235.

1933 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Terry, Ott, Schumacher, Hubbell vs. Brooklyn Dodgers. VG. $40.

1933 Boston Braves at Braves Field vs. Phila. Phillies with Chuck Klein etc. EX. $155.

1933 Chi Cubs at Wrigley Field with Hartnett, Grimm etc. vs. St. Louis Cardinals with Martin, Collins, Medwick, Durocher, Dean and gang. Real Nice. $265.

1933 to 1972, Baseball All-Stars biographies, statistics of the past & present. Official Leroy Nieman drawing with a Willie Mays poster, real nice $40.

1934 NY Giants at Polo Grounds with Terry & Mel Ott etc. vs. Pittsburg Pirates  L. Waner, P. Waner, Pie Traynor & Honus Wagner Coach. EX. $170.

1934 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Terry, Jackson, Ott vs. Boston Braves. VG. $30.

1934 N.Y. Giants w/Terry, Ott, O'Doul, Travis Jackson, etc. vs. St.Louis Cardinals w/Martin, Durocher, J. Dean, Medwick, Rip Collins & so uch more, nice baseball vintage. $205.

1934 Boston Red Sox vs. Wash. Senators at home with Manush, Cronin, Travis, Berg. NM. $145.

1934 New York Yankees w/Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig & so much more vs. Cleveland Indians at home. 8 pages, EX+/EX MT. $265.

1935 Who's Who in Major League Football. Giants, Bears, Lions, Packers, Eagles, Cardinals, Redskins, Dodgers, Pirates. Ex-Mt. $2,000

1935 Chicago White Sox Scorecard with Bonura, Lyons etc..vs. Cleveland Indians with Trosky, Hudlin, Harder etc at Comiskey Park...Ex. $160.

1935 Baseball All Star Game souvenir Program. William Harridge, Kenesaw Landis, Simmons, Rowe, Bridges, Vosmik, Berger, Collins, Martin, Terry, Vaughan, West, Harder, Myer, Cochrane, Cronin, Wilson, Mancuso, Moore, Derringer, Ott, Medwick, Frisch, Herman, Hartnett, Hubbell, Dean, Mungo, P. Waner, Gehringer, Gehrig, Foxx, Dickey.             No writings in program. Tight spine...Beautiful...$950.

1935 Football Illustrated with Berwanger, Stydahar, Baugh etc. VG+. $45.

1936 Football Pittsburgh Pirates & gang vs. Chicago Bears at Wrigley with Nagurski, Musso, Fortmann, Feathers etc. Nice. $1,100.

1936 Who's who in M.L. Football around 70pgs. Write ups & picture topping, Rooney, Halas, Marshall, Bidwell, Bell. Owners.  Write ups & pictures Lions Caddel, B. Parker about 20 more. NY Giants Hein, S. Owen, T. Leemans, about 20 more. G.B. Packers Lambeau, Don Hutson, Clarke Hinkle, Herber about 20 more. Chi Bears Nagurski, Halas, Musso, Fortmann, Feathers, Stydahar about 20 more. Plus Chi Cardinals, Brooklyn Dodgers, Pitts Pirates, Bost Redskins, Phila Eagles and A player Roser. N.F.L. Ex-Mt. $1840.

1936 Chicago Bears at Wrigley Official Program with Nagurski, Stydahar, Musso, Feathers etc. vs. Chicago Cardinals. NM. $1000.

1936 Annual Illustrated Football with Larry Kelly, Baugh, Berwanger etc.  Over 500 photos & collages, writeups.  Super Ex piece.  $145.

1937 Chicago Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears with Beattie Feathers, Bronko Nuagurski. Nice. $710.

1937 Detroit Lions with Ernest Caddell, Dutch Clark Coach vs. Chicago Bears at Wrigley with Bronko Nagurski. Nice. $710.

1937 N.Y. Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. Played at Yankee Stadium. 11 Future HOFers Dimaggio, Gehrig, Dickey, Gomez, Combs, Lazzeri, Ruffing, Cronin, Foxx, Doerr, Grove. Nice Condition. $250.

1937 Football Program Green Bay Packers with Don Hutson, Herber, Hinkle, Michalske etc. vs. Chicago Bears at home with Nagurski, Feathers etc. Ex-Mt. $710.

1937 Detroit Tigers with Fox, Gehringer, Greenberg, York vs. NY Yankees with DiMaggio, Gehrig, Ruffing, Lazzeri. EX 8pgs. $255.

1937 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Ott, Hubbell vs. Boston Braves with Dimaggio. VG. $55.

1937 Annual Illustrated Football over 500 pictures, collages, writeups with Wojciechowicz, Marshall, Goldberg, Sid Luckman, Baugh, Macafee and many more.  Ex. $155.

1937 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Ott vs. Brooklyn Dodgers with Manush. Cond. FA $45.

1937 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Ott vs. Brooklyn Dodgers with Manush. Cond. P. $10.

1937 New York Yankees with Dimaggio, Gehrig, Gomez, Ruffing etc. vs. Boston Red Sox. Real nice. $220.

1938 Chicago Bears vs. Chicago Cardinals. Nice. $700.

1938 Annual Illustrated Fooball in Ex shape with over 500 pictures, collages, writeups with Marshall, Goldberg, Art Rooney, Whizzer White and many more. $100.

1938 N.Y. Yankees vs. Red Sox scorecard with Rolfe, Dimaggio, Gehrig, Dickey, Ruffing vs. Foxx, Cronin, etc. about vg-ex. 10pgs. some wear. very amazing vintage piece.  $430.

1938 Phila. A's scorecard & program with Wally Moses vs. Yankees and Gehrig etc.  NM $225

1938 NY Giants with Tuffy Leemans, Mel Hein, Danowski, Poole etc. vs. Phila. Eagles. Real Nice. at Polo Grounds. $820.

1938 Washington Redskins 1936 Eastern Champs with Slinging Sammy Baugh, Cliff Battles vs. Pacific Coast All Stars. Pretty Nice. $585.

1939 Detroit Lions at Briggs Stadium vs. NY Giants. Wojiechowicz, Leemans, Hein, Strong, Danowski etc. Ex. $970.

1939 New York Yankees at home Lou Gehrig's last year vs. Cleveland Indians. Ex. $380.

1939 Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears. Packers have Hutson, Isbell, Hinkle, Herber. Bears have Musso, Luckman, Osmanski etc. Real nice. $1400.

1939 Chicago Bears vs. Det. Lions at Wrigley. Wojciechowicz etc. for Lions. Sid Luckman for Bears. Nice. $1400.

1939 St. Louis Browns scorecard vs. Detroit Tigers with Jimmie Foxx and Hank Greenberg. Ex-Mt. $190.

1939 Brooklyn Dodgers Scorecard vs. N.Y. Giants with Ott & Hubbell. EX. $75.

1939 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Ott, Bonura vs. Boston Braves wtih Simmons, Masi, Stengel Mgr. $90.

1939 Boston Braves Scorecard vs. N.Y. Giants with Bonura & Ott. EX. $70.

1939 Detroit Tigers w/Hammering Hank Greenberg who served our country in his best years vs. Chicago White Sox at home, EX/MT. $195.

1939 Phila. A's at home vs. St. Louis Browns, 14 pages, pretty nice. $120.

1940 Det. Lions vs. Chicago Bears at Wrigley. Lions have Whizzer White. Wojciechowicz vs. McAfee, Luckman, Kavanaugh, Poole etc. Super. $1400.

1940 Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers at Wrigley. Luckman, Kavanaugh, Poole, McAfee vs. Hutson, Isbell, Hinkle etc. Ex+. $970.

1940 N.Y. Yankees vs. St. Louis Browns Scorecard. Ex. $120.

1940 Famous Slugger Yearbook.  Joe D. featured on the front cover...NM...$88.

1940 N.Y. Giants Scorecard with Ott, Danning, Hubbell vs. Boston Braves with Stengel Mgr. EX. $70.

1940 Navy vs. Penna. Football program…EX+ $52

1940 Annual Illustrated Football in Ex shape with over 500 photos, collages, writeups including Tom Harmon, Frankie Albert and many more.  $90.

1940 NY Giants at home vs. Brooklyn Dodgers. VG. $70.

1940 Univ. of California vs. Oregon State. Ex+. $65.

1941 Chi Bears vs. Green Bay Packers at Wrigley. McAfee, Luckman, Turner etc. for Bears. Hutson, Isbell, Canadeo for Packers. Really Nice. $970.

1941 Milwaukee scorecard and program vs. Toledo.  Bill Veeck Pres.  Ex+  $75.

1941 Phila. A's program & scorecard vs. Yankees with Joe D., Ruffing, Gomez etc.  NM  $95.

1941 Annual Illustrated Football magazine. About 90pgs. with Angelo Bertelli, Otto Graham, Frankie Albert etc...Ex $100.

1941 NY Yankees Official Scorecard & Program with Dim, Keler, Gordon, Dickey, Ruffing etc. vs. Stl. Browns with Auker, Galehouse etc. Ex+. 18pgs. $185.

1942 Cincinnati Reds vs. Brooklyn Dodgers at Crosleyfield. Reese, Reiser, Medwick. Ex. $100.

1942 Phila. A's about 18pgs. Program & Scorecard vs. Boston Red Sox with Williams, Dimaggio, Pesky, Cronin etc. EX. $130.

1943 N.Y. Giants Football at Polo Grounds with Tuffy Leemans, Hein etc. vs. Green Bay Packers with Don Hutson, Fritsch, Canadeo etc. EX. $520.

1943 Boston Braves Scorecard with Holmes & Masi vs. N.Y. Giants with Hubbell & Ott. EX. $70.

1943 Cleveland Indians vs. St. Louis Browns 8 page scorecard  Ex.  $118.

1943 Famous Slugger Yearbook, with Williams & Lombardi. Fair Cond. $75.00

1944 Oct. 28, California vs. Washington. Program Ex-mt $45

1944 Columbia vs. Penn Football Game Program $65

1944 Annual Illustrated Football magazine. 72pgs. with Pihos, Johnny Lujack etc... Ex. $100.

1944 New York Yankees at home w/Stirnweiss, Levy, Rosenthal, Lindell & the rest vs. St. Louis Browns w/Gutteridge, Stephens & more, EX. $105.

1944 New York Yankees at home vs. St. Louis Browns, NM $155.

1945 New York Giants at Polo Grounds Ott, Weintraub etc. vs. Brooklyn Dodgers with Walker. Ex+. $125.

1945 Annual Illustrated Football magazine. 72pgs. with Ted Kluszewski, Buddy Young, Bob Waterfield etc. Ex+. $155.

1945 Cleveland 10 page program with Boudreau vs. Cincinnati. VG.  Buy More War Bonds.  $50.

1945 NY Yankees with Stirnweiss, Derry, Etten, Bevense, Joe McCarthy manager vs. Chi W.S. at Comiskey Park with Cuccinello etc. & Jimmy Dykes manager. Program & Scorecard. Ex. $105.

1946 Sport Magazine with Tom Harmon on the cover (with his wife).  Inside is a great article about him as well as one about Steve Van Buren and also Jack Kramer. Also lots of pages about the Green Bay Packers. Very nice. $90.

1946 A.A.F.C. First Year San Francisco 49ers at home vs. Cleveland Browns with Willis, Otto Graham, Motley etc. Ex. $285.

1946 L.A. Rams vs. Chicago Bears at Wrigley Field. Ram's have Waterfield, Harmon, Holovak etc. Bears have Luckman, Bulldog, Turner, Kavanaugh etc. Ex-Mt. $640.

1946 New York Yankees at home VG + with Joe DiMaggio, Dickey, Gordon, Stirnweiss, etc. vs. Cleveland Indians with Jim Hegan, Feller and gang. $115.

1946 Phila. A's program and scorecard vs. Yankees with Bobby Brown & Joe D.  16pgs. NM  $170.

1946 All Phila. Basketball Team. All about the Phila. Teams, St. Joe's, Temple, LaSalle, Penn etc. Ex-Mt. $65.

1946 Phila. A's program and scorecard with McCosky & Chapman vs. Red Sox with Williams- York.  Ex-Mt.  nice. 16pgs. $140.

1946 Phila. A's at Shibe Park vs. Detroit Tigers with Hank Greenberg. $120.

1947 St. Josephs vs. W. Kentucky.  Temple vs. La Salle with Larry Foust. NM. $65.

1947 NIT Bastketball Quarter Finals at Madison Sq. Garden. Bradley vs. West Virginia & St. John's vs. N. Carolina State. Fred Schaus, Zirkel, Boykoff, Dick McGwire. Ex-Mt+. $105.

1947 California vs. USC Southern Calif. at Memorial Stadium Berkeley. Ex+. $110.

1947 Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears at Wrigley with Luckman Ex-Mt. $640.

1947 Phila. A's Scorecard & Program vs. Washington Senators.  Sure brings back memories...clean..$105.

1947 Baseball All-Star program. Wrigley Field with Dimaggio, Williams, Gordon, Page. etc. v. Mize, Reese, Musial etc. Plus composite record 33-46. Cochrane, Foxx, Greenberg, Ruth, Gehrig, vs. Dean, Klein, Pepper M., O'Doul. Unused. $600.

1947 Boston Braves Program and Scorecard vs. Phillies Ex- Ex-mt...$85.

1947 Phila. Phillies scorecard & program vs. Pittsburgh Pirates with Hank Greenberg.  Ex-Mt. $120.

1947 Boston Red Sox at Fenway with Pesky, Williams, Dimaggio vs. NY Yankees with Berra, Keller, Dimaggio, Stirnweiss, Page. Ex+. $145.

1947 New York U. with Dolph Schayes, Ray Lumpp etc. vs. SMU & St. Johns with Dick McGuire, Calabrese, Boykoff etc vs. Rhode Island State. Ex-Mt. $125.

1947 Brooklyn Dodgers at home w/Pete Reiser, Dixie Walker, Carl Furillo, Pee Wee, Hodges, Snider, Lavagetto. Wow vs. Boston Braves w/Bob Elliott & so much more. EX+ $145.

1947 New York Yankees at home Stirnweiss, Rizzuto, Page, DiMaggio, Lindell & gang vs. Detroirt Tigers w/Fred Hutchinson & more. Cover is loose & 3 holes punched in side, still EX. $100.

1948 NCAA College Basketball Program at Madison Sq. Garden. Long Island U. vs. Seton Hall & College of New York vs. Brooklyn College. Ex-Mt. $75.

1948 Santa Barbara vs. Oregon with Norm Van Brocklin. Ex. $85.

1948 Boston Red Sox with Dimaggio, Williams, Pesky etc. vs. Detroit Tigers with Wertz, Evers etc. NM. $140.

1948 Chicago Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers at Comiskey Park. Goldberg etc. Ex-Mt. $510.

1948 Detroit Tigers 18pg scorebook vs. the mighty RedSox with Dimaggio, Williams, Stephens, Greenberg. NM. $100.

1948 Oct 16,  Oregon State vs. California Football program…Ex $95.

1948 Babe Ruth Story, 98 pages articles & pictures, EX. $120.

1949 Palestra College Basketball Ex+. Penn vs. Swathmore & Villanova with Paul Arizin vs. St. Francis (Brooklyn). $29.

1949 Phila. Eagles at Shibe Park with Armstrong, Bednarik, Lindskog, Pritchard, Kilroy, Van Buren, Wojciechowicz, etc. vs. Pittsburgh Steelers with Bill Walsh, Jim Finks etc. Real Nice. $280.

1949 Phila. A's at home with Fain, Chapman etc. vs. N.Y. Yankees with Berra, Dimaggio, Raschi, Stengel. Ex+. $140.

1949 N.Y. Yankees at home with Dimaggio, Raschi etc. vs. Boston Red Sox with Williams, Stephens etc. Ex-Mt. $145.

1949 Notre Dame with the great Leon Hart, Sitko, Wightkin etc. vs. North Carolina with Choo Choo Justice, Art Weiner etc. Ex. $160.

1949 NY Giants at Polo Grounds with Sid Gordon, Westrum vs. Brooklyn Dodgers with Reese, Furillo, Robinson, Hodges, Capanella etc. Ex-Mt. $170.

1949 Boston Red Sox with Dimaggio, Williams, Pesky, Stephens vs. Cleveland Indians with Mitchell, Vernon, Feller, Lemon, Wynn, Garcia. Ex-Mt.+. $100.

1949 Chicago Cardinals vs. Detroit Lions at Cominsky Park. Ex-Mt. $260.

1949 Lou Gehrig Comic Book "The Pride Of The Yankees" The life os Lou Gehrig.  Front and back covers show some wear. F+. Outstanding look at Lou Gehrig's life and career. $185.

1949 Chicago Cubs Yearbook with Cavaretta, Verban, Jeffcoat etc...NM. $145.

1949 Cleveland Indians with Berardino, Satchel Paige etc. vs. St. Louis Browns.  Has a write-up on the Dodgers with Jackie Robinson, Reese, Campy, Furillo, Snider. Approx. 22 pgs. Ex.  $165

1949 Wash. Senators scorecard vs. Phila. A's.  scored Ex.  $86.

1949 Princeton vs. Dartmouth Football Program. Nov 19, 1949…Ex $55

1949 Army vs. Penn Football at Franklin Field. 68 Ex pgs. $45.

1949 Arena Pro Basketball Double Header Bost. Celtics vs. Chi. Stags & Phila. Warriors vs. Baltimor. VG+. $130.

1949 Cincinnati Reds at Crosley Park with Ted Kluszewski, Ewell Blackwell, Vandermeer, W. Cooper etc. vs. Boston Braves with Spahn. EX. $90.

1950 Boston Red Sox with Pesky, Williams, Goodman etc. vs. Phila. A's with McCosky, Chapman, etc. NM. $100.

1950 NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden with Gallatin, McGuire etc. vs. Minneapolis Lakers with Pollard, Mikkelson, Mikan etc. Also, Rice vs. St. Ann's. Ex+. $155.

1950 NY Yankees at Yankee Stadium. The year the Yankees won it all with Dimaggio, Berra, Raschi, Martin, Page, Ford, Stengel as manager vs. Det. Tigers with Trout, Hutchinson, Evers etc. EX. $170.

1950 Babe Ruth Sports Comic Book #6. George Mikan on the cover. Inside all about Mikan- Rocky Graziano-Babe Ruth-Dick Button-Barbara Ann Scott-Maurice Richard-Rene Herrerias-Johnny Mize. It is a beauty...$190.

1950 Red Sox Program vs. Tigers.  Ex-Mt. $80.

1950 Washington Senators vs. Cleveland Indians.  Ex+  $55.

1950 Oct 7,  Pennsylvannia vs. California Football program…Ex+ $95

1950 Wash. Senators scorecard vs. St. Louis Browns.  scored. Ex. $82

1950 Wash. Senators scorecard vs. Detroit Tigers.  scored.  Ex.  $55.

1950 Wash. Senators scorecard vs. Ch. W. Sox.  scored.  Ex.  $55.

1950 Sporting News Knotty problems of Baseball with picture of Jackie Robinson on back page. Ex-Mt $45.

1950 Oct. 14th  Dartmouth vs. Pennsylvania Football program . Vg-Ex $36

1950 Red Sox official program & score card vs. Phila. A's. Facsimile autographs of 9 players on cover. Cover slightly stained but nice inside. Cover Ex, inside NM. Great piece.     $85.

1950 N.Y. Yankees program with Dimaggio, Joe Page etc. vs. St. Louis Browns. very nice. $190.

1950 Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay at Green Bay. Girard, Fritsch, Cloud etc. vs. Blanda, Lujack, Luckman, Turner etc. Ex+. $185.

1950 Detroit Tigers at Briggs Stadium vs. Boston Red Sox with Dimaggio, Williams etc. Ex+. $75.

1950 Det. Tigers at Briggs stadium vs. Boston Red Sox with Williams, Dimaggio, Tebbetts etc. Ex+. $105.

1950 Boston Red Sox at Fenway vs. St. Louis Browns. Ex+. $100.

1950 New York Yankees at home w/DiMaggio, Berra & Raschi vs. Phila. A's, EX/MT $185.

1951 NIT Basketball Quarter Finals Program from Madison Sq. Garden. Arizona U. vs. Dayton U. & N.Caroloina State vs. Seton Hall with Walter Dukes, Richie Regan, Meinke. NM. $105.

1951 N.B.A. Double Header Program. NY Knicks vs. Rochester Royals. Clifton, Gallatin, McGuire, Vandewegae vs. Wanler, Holzman 2nd. game is Balt. vs. Milwaukee. Ex-Mt. $150.

1951 N.Y. Knicks vs. Phila. Baskteball game. Zaslofsky, Boryla against Jumpin Joe Fulks, Paul Arizin, Neil Johnson. Manhattan Prep vs. Stepinal in game. Ex-Mt. $150.

1951 Phila. A's Yearbook. Ex-Mt. $190.

1951 Chicago Bears with Johnny Lujack, Whizzer White etc. vs. New York Yanks at Yankee Stadium with Taliaferro, Ratterman, Young, Barney Poole etc. Ex-Mt. $165.

1951 NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden with Zaslofsky, Sweetwater Clifton, P. McGuire, Boryla Gallatin etc. vs. Tri-cities. 2nd. Game Boston Celtics with Cousy, McKinney, MaCauley et. vs. Baltimore with Red Rocha etc. Ex-Mt. $180.

1951 White Sox scorecard & program with Nellie Fox, Busby etc vs. Washington Senators Ex-Mt  $55.

1951 Scorecard and Program. Boston Redsox vs. Cleveland Indians. Ted Williams vs. Feller, Lemon, Garcia, Wynn, Rosen…Ex-Mt $110

1951 Detroit Lions vs. New York Giants Ex.-mt....$75.

1951 Harvard vs. Yale Football program…Ex $58

1951 Red Sox Program with Ted Williams vs. Indians with Easter, Rosen, Garcia. Ex-Mt. $135.

1951 All-Star Baseball game program at Detroit's Brigg Stadium. A.L. had Stengel Mgr., Fox, Williams, Hutchinson, Dimaggio, Hegan. vs. N.L. Hodges, Robinson, Willie Jones, Maglie. 48pgs. cover minor wear otherwise NM. $550.

1952 Olympic Trials Quarter Finals Program at Madison Square Garden. Ex-Mt. Tirals are for the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland. Peoria Diesels vs. US Air Force All Stars & St. Johns U. vs. La Salle. Gola, McMahon, Zawoluk etc.  $160.

1952 Minneapolis Laker News w/George Mikan. 57 pgs. Super piece, EX+. $420.

1952 N.Y. Knicks with Braun, Clifton etc. vs. Baltimore with Scolari. 2nd. game is Globetrotters with Haynes, Taum etc. vs. Wash. Generals with Red Klotz. Ex-Mt. $165.

1952 N.Y. Knicks with Clifton, Gallatin, McGuire etc. vs. Phila. Warriors with Jumpin Joe Fulks etc. and Holy Trinnity vs. St. Augustine. NM. $180.

1952 N.Y.U. vs. ST. Johns & Manhattan vs. DePaul with ticket stub. Ex-Mt. $80.

1952 N.Y. Knicks vs. Minneapolis Lakers with Mikan, Mikkelson, Pollard etc. NM. $240.

1952 Darmouth vs. Cornell Football Program. EX-MT. $55.

1952 N.Y. Knicks vs. Baltimore Bullets & Harlem Globetrotters with Marquis Haynes & Goose Tatum vs. Washington. NM $235.

1952 Red Sox Program vs. Senators. Ex-Mt. $80.

1952 Home of Champions Yankees vs. Redsox program and Scorecard. Ex-Mt $140

1952 World Champion program and scorecard Yankees vs. Indians. Ex-Mt $140.

1952 Official Program   Princeton vs. Cornell Oct 25, . Ex-Mt $55

1952 Ring Magazine. Great condition. 64 pgs. Walcott, Marciano, Matthews and Charles. $100.

1952-53 Syracuse Nationals with Schayes etc. vs. Boston Celtics with Cousy etc. Ex-Mt. $140.

1952-53 Milwaukee Hawks at home vs. Syracuse Nats. 2nd. game.  1st. game is Minneapolis Lakers with George Mikan vs. Fort Wayne Pistons. Ex. $190.

1952 Chicago Cubs Yearbook, real nice $140.

1952 Baseball Heros Comic Magazine. Johnson, Ruth, Cobb, Evers, Chance, Sisler, Foxx, Gehrig, LaJoie, Collins, Hornsby, Frisch, Gehringer, Wagner, McGraw, Keeler, Speaker, Ott, Young, Mathewson, Grove, plus more. $95.

1953 Southern Methodist with Ray Berry, Forrest Gregg etc. vs. Notre Dame with Gugliemi, Art Hunter, Lattner, Varrickione etc. Lujack is assist coach at Notre Dame stadium. Ex. $95.

1953 Baldwin - Wallace vs. St. Francis with Maurice Stokes. Ex. $60.

1953 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants at the Polo Grounds. $105.

1953 Brooklyn Dodgers Yearbook with Robinson, Hodges. Toning, very nice. $275.

1953 Baseball Immortals The Story Of Dizzy Dean. 27 wonderful pgs. Ex-Mt. $95.

1953 N.Y. Knicks vs. Syracuse Nationals with Dolph Schayes etc. also Boston Celtics with Cousy vs. Indianapolis Olympians with E. Mikan, Zawoluk etc. NM. $195.

1953 Green Bay Packers Media Guide. Ex. $75

1953 N.Y. Knicks vs. Phila. Warriors with George, Johnston, Beck, Fulks, etc. vs. Globetrotters with Dukes, Tatum, Kellogg etc. vs. Sphahs. NM. Also an ad with Mantle & Reese. $235.

1953 Chicago White Sox Official scorebook vs. Detroit. Nm-mt. $70

1953 Yearbook Washington Nationals …Real nice. $155

1953 Phila. A's Yearbook. 48pgs. Loads of pictures.  Nice. Ex+ $155.

1953 Oct 31, Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh Official Football Program...Ex-Mt....$74.

1953 Chicago White Sox official scorebook vs. Phila.'s NM-MT $70

1953 Mexican Magazine about Bill Veeck, Junior Gilliam, Lou Gehrig, and others...Ex...$44.

1954 NY. Yankees Yearbook. Wow. Real Nice. $500.

1954 Chi. Bears Yearbook 40pgs. All the Bears greats. $80.

1954 Ring Magazine. Super nice.  The Rock & Ezzard Charles.  $95.

1954 Washington Nationals Yearbook…EX+ $125

1954 Oct. 9,  Brown vs. Rhode Island Football Program. Ex. $34

1954 Chicago W.Sox vs. Detroit Tigers with Kaline. Real Nice. $105.

1954 NY Yankees at home vs. Detroit Tigers. Mantle, Berra vs. Kuenn, Kaline. NM. $150.

1954 Phila. A's at home vs. Boston Red Sox, T. Williams, J. Jenson, H. Agganis EX+ $90.

1955 Baseball Magazine founded in 1908. Connie Mack on cover. Loads of pictures with all time greats Ruth, Wagner, Sisler etc. All about the old timers. Nice. $75.

1955 Chicago Bears at Wrigley Field vs. L.A. Rams. Ex. $65.

1955 New York Giants at Polo Grounds with Webster, Patton, Grier, Gifford, Conerly, Tom Landry, Tunnell vs. Baltimore Colts Buddy Young, Don Shula, Alan Ameche etc. Nice. $95.

1955 NY Giants at Polo Grounds vs. Cleveland Browns. Conerly, Tunnell, Landry vs. Graham, Ford, Gain. NM. $90.

1955 Baltimore Colts at Baltimore Memorial Stadium vs. San Fran. Ewbank coach, Marchetti, Shula, Donovan, Buddy Young, Spinney, Berry, Rechichar, Alan Ameche Rookie Year. 49ers Tittle, St. Clair, Nomellini, Youngelman. Ex-Mt. $90.

1955 Baltimore Orioles at Memorial Stadium vs. Boston Red Sox with Jackie Jensen.  Ex-Mt. $90.

1955 LA Rams with Van Brocklin, Fears, Hirsch etc. vs. The Chicago Bears at home. Ex-Mt. $90.

1955 Milwaukee Braves Yearbook. Some minor wear, but tightly bound & very outstanding. Ex+ $195.

1955 N.Y. Knicks vs. Milwaukee Hawks with Pettit, Selvy etc. NM $180.

1955 Aug 28, San Francisco 49ers vs. Cleveland Browns . Ex.. $60

1955 Milwaukee Braves official scorecard vs. NY Giants with Mays etc..Ex-Mt  $100.

1955 Program San Francisco 49ers vs. Chicago Cardinals. Real Nice $75

1955 NBA Program Phila. Warriors Arizin, Johnston etc. vs. Rochester, Royals with Davis Wanzer etc. Ex+ $140.

1955 Chicago Bears Yearbook. 40 pgs. also has Bears HOF.  Ex $80.

1955 NY Yankees at home vs. Boston Red Sox. Williams, Jensen, Piersall vs. Mantle, Berra. Ex. $100.

1955 Det. Tigers at Briggs stadium with Kuenn, Kaline vs. Boston Red Sox with Zauchin, Jensen. Ex+. $90.

1955 Southern CA w/Jon Arnett vs. UCLA at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, EX/MT $70.

1956 U. of Southern Ca. with Jon Arnett vs. U. of Washington at LA Memorial. $50.

1956 Chicago Bears at LA with Bill George etc. vs. LA Rams with Hirsch, Fears, Van Brocklin etc. Ex-Mt. $80.

1956 NBA Playoffs Phila. Warriors at Convention Hall Phila. PA. vs. Syracuse Nationals George, Beck, Arizin, Gola, Johnston, Nats had Schayes, Kerr, Rocha etc. News article comes with program. NM. $180.

1956 N.Y. Knicks Rookie Dukes vs. Syracuse Nationals with Schayes & Boston Celtics vs. Fort Wayne Pistons with Yardley, Foust etc. $185.

1956 Chicago Cubs 39pg. Yearbook. Banks, Hoak, Sauer, etc. NM. $145.

1956 NBA Program Phila. Warriors with Gola, Beck, Johnston etc. vs. Syracuse Nationals with Schayes and gang. 2nd game is Celtics vs. Fort Wayne Pistons. Ex+ $145.

1956 Milwaukee Braves scorecard. Aaron-Mathews-Adcock etc. vs. St. Louis with Boyer-Musial. NM $125.

1956 Michigan State vs. Indiana.  Oct 13, 1956 Official Homecoming Program...$56.

1956-57 St. Louis Hawks Official Program with McCauley, Naulls, Hagan, Pettit etc. vs. Phila. Warriors with Neil, Johnston, Arizin etc... Ex+ $95.

1956 Phila. Phillies at home beating the Milwaukee Braves w/Aaron, Mathews & Adcock. Phillies had Ennis, Hamner, Ashburn & Willie Puddin Head Jones who went 3 for 3 w/3 runs, scored & solo homer. Adcock had 2 run HR. EX+ $125.

1957 Univ. of Illnois Football Media Guide with some great names like Ray Nitschke, Tom Haller, Bobby Mitchell, Rich Kreitling with coach Ray Elliot. 46pgs. Ex. $145.

1957 ARMY vs. UTAH with Grosscup, Wilson vs. Dawkins, Bill Carpenter, Blaik. $90.

1957 World Series Program Milwaukee Braves vs. New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Really nice pictures and write ups. Ex-Mt. $195.

1957 Det. Tigers at Briggs Stadium with Kaline vs. Boston Red Sox with Piersall, Williams, Jensen. Ex+. $90.

1957 Baltimore Colts at Baltimore Memorial Stadium vs. Chicago Bears Alan Ameche, Marchetti, Lipscomb vs. Galimore, George etc. NM. $90.

1957 Yankees vs. Milwaukee Braves. Yankees Home Of Championship. Nice. $185.

1957 Chicago Bears at Wrigley vs. San Francisco 49ers with Brodie, Tittle, Owens, Moegle, Hazeltine, Nomellini, St. Clair, Soltau etc. Ex-Mt. $85.

1957 Chicago Bears vs. NY Giants pre-season at The Cotton Bowl with George, Wightkin, Gifford, Webster, Conerly, Rote, Tunnell, Huff, Katcavage, Brown etc. NM. $90.

1957 Football Scorebook All Americans  Michaels, Karras, Currie, Forresthal, Kowalcyzk, Crow etc...Ex+  $79.

1958 NY Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians with Colavito, Wertz etc. vs. Kubek, Berra, Ford, Mantle etc. Ex. $210.

1958 LA Rams Football Yearbook 1st. Year with Bob Waterfield, Putnam, Waller, Richter, Fry, Burroughs, Arnett, Shofner etc. NM. $210.

1958 N.Y. Knicks with Naulls, Guerin, etc. vs. St. Louis Hawks with Hagan, Pettit etc. Minn Lakers with Rookie Elgin Baylor & Hot Rod Hundley etc. vs. Detroit Pistons with Cable. $225.

1958 Football Scorebook  All Americans Cannon, Dawkins, Ecuyer etc...Ex  Great.  $69.

1958  49ers vs. Rams Oct. 5, with Jon Arnett. EX  $55.

1958 Cincinnati Redlegs Yearbook. 77pgs. revised edition. Ex-Mt. $170.

1958 Playoff Game Phila. Warriors vs. Boston Celtics with Neil Johnston, Lennie Rosenbluth, Ernie Beck vs. Russell, Cousy, Sharman etc. Real Nice. $210.

1958 Pittsburgh Pirates Yearbook, pictures of all, Kluszewski, Clemente. Super book, MINT $155.

1958 Chicago Bears Yearbook, many greats. 39 pages, NR/MT. $80.

1959 Goal Post UCLA vs. U. of Washington. Ex. $60.

1959 Boston College at BC Alumni stadium vs. NAVY with Joe Bellino. $90.

1959 L.A. Rams at LA vs. New York Giants. Ex-Mt. $65.

1959 NY Giants vs. Cleveland Browns at Yankee stadium with Brown, Mitchell, Renfro, Groza etc. vs. Webster, Rote, Katcavage, Grier, Robustelli. Ex+. $75.

1959 Baseball All-Star Game in L.A with Mays, Boyer, Mantle, Fox, Williams, Colavito, Howard, Maris, Allison. Ex-Mt.+. $490.

1959 Yankees scorecard vs. Washington Senators with Harmon Killebrew, Jim Lemon, Versailes etc…NM $95

1959 St. Louis Hawks Program with Pettit, Hagan vs. Celtics with Heinsohn, Loscutoff, Russell, Cousy etc. & Knicks with Guerin vs. Lakers with Baylor etc. NM. $125.

1959 St. Louis Hawks vs. NY Knicks Souvenir Program & Cincinnai Royals vs. Minneapolis Lakers. Great condition. Great program.  $159.

1959-60 Official National Basketball Assoc. Guide.  Ex-Mt.  $90.

1959 San Fran 49ers at Kezar Stadium with Tittle, Nomellini, Tubbs etc. vs. Baltimore Colts(Champs) with Unitas, Ameche, Lipscomb etc. NM. $85.

1959 Chicago Bears at Wrigley vs. Baltimore Colts w/Unitas & Ameche. $135.

1959-60 Pro Basketball – Phillies Cigars. Baylor, Cousy, Gola, Guerin, Hagan, Pettit, Russell, Schayes, Shue, Twyman & the Teams. 62 pages, pictures & articles. $40.

1960 East vs. West All Star football game with Mike Ditka, Bernie Casey, Matte, Adderly vs. Lilly, Holub, McKeever etc.  Clean Ex-Mt.  $70.

1960 East-West All Star Football Game.  Bernie Casey, Tom Mason, Tom Matte, Herb Adderly, Jim Tyrer, Fred Arbanas, Mike Ditka vs.  Robert Lilly, Jerry Mays, Jim Johnson, Bill Kilmer, E.J. Holub, Marlin McKeever.  Ex-Mt. $50.

1960  Sept. 25, San Francisco forty niners vs. New York Giants Kyle Rote, Charlie Conerly, Frank Gifford, and Sam Huff…Ex $85

1960  Sept 18, .  San Francisco 49ers vs St. Louis Cardinals. Ex+ $60

1961 World Series. Crosley Field Cin. Reds. vs. N.Y. Yankees. 128 pgs. Ex-Mt. $285.

1961-62 Detroit Pistons at home vs. St. Louis Hawks. Pettit score 49pts. Comes with news article. Ex-Mt. $75.

1961-62 Detroit Pistons at home vs. NY Knicks. Comes with news article. Ex-Mt. $75.

1961 Cincinnati Reds at Crosley Field Pinson, Robinson NL, MVP, Gus Bell etc. vs. St.Louis Cardinals with Ken Boyer, Stan Musial etc. Excellent 4 page panel. $100.

1962 New York Giants at Yankee Stadium with Gifford, Huff, Tittle vs. Detroit Lions with Karras, Lane, Schmidt also has news clippings. Real nice. $100.

1962 Chicago White Sox scoreboard vs. Twins including Nellie Fox...Ex. Cond.  $58.

1962 Chicago White Sox official scorebook vs. Minnesota Nm-MT $29

1962 N.Y. Yankees rare team issue. Minor cover wear. VG-EX overall. Mantle & Maris etc. $245.

1962 Princeton vs. Yale.  Alfonzo Stagg on cover.  Looks like it was at Yale. Many pages on Stagg honored by Yale. 110pgs. Ex-Mt. $65.  

1962 World Championship National Football League at Yankee Stadium, NY Giants vs. Green Bay Packers. Wow! What players, real nice condition. $190.

1962 Yankee Yearbook, EX/MT $260.

1963 N.Y. Giants at Yankee Stadium vs. Cleveland Browns. Morrison, Shofner etc. vs. Jim Brown, Ernie Green etc. Ex-Mt. $145.

1963 New York Giants Football Yearbook. Ex-Mt. $185.

1963 Baseball All-Star game program.  Took place in Cleveland Ex+. NL: Koufax, K. Boyer, Clemente, Musial vs. AL: Elston, Howard, Nellie, Fox. etc..  $200.

1963 Phila. Eagles Yearbook. 72 pgs. Loads of interesting statistics. Ex+ $105.

1963 Referee Magazine with a picture of Cassius Clay #1 contender.  Articles about Cassius inside.  NM. $170.

1963 Harlem Globe Trotters Yearbook with Meadowlark Lemon. Really Nice. $60.

1963 Best Plays of the Year. A documentary of Pro Football in the National Football League. $90.

1964 New York Yankee Yearbook revised edition. Nice. $325.

1964 N.Y. Giants at Yankee Stadium vs. Cleveland Browns with Warfield, Ernie Green, Jim Brown. Pictures of Maris and Mantle. Ex. $95.

1964 N.Y. Giants Football Yearbook. Super. Only blemish is person put their name on cover. $115.

1964 New York Giants Football at Yankee Stadium vs. St. Louis Cardinals. Stroud, Katcavage vs. Goope, Crow etc. Ex+. $70.

1964 NewYork Giants at Yankee Stadium vs. Minnesota. Larson, Brown vs. Tarkenton, Eller. Ex+. $90

1964 Detroit Tigers with Kaline, Evers vs. Chicago W.S.with Nellie Fox at Comisky Park. Ex-Mt. $42.

1964 Boston Celtics with Havlicek on the cover vs. Phila. 76ers. Ex+ $60.

1964 N.Y. Yankees Yearbook with Kubek, Mantle, Maris etc. Ex-Mt. 48pgs. $310.

1964-65 St. Louis Hawks Program with Bridges, Hagan, Pettit etc...vs. Cincinnati Royals with Oscar.  Ex+ $85.

1964-65 St. Louis Hawks Program with Hagan, Pettit, Wilkens etc...vs. Detroit Pistons with Dischinger, DeBusschere etc...Ex+ $70.

1964  Harvard Football Program vs. Cornell. Ex $50

1964 Green Bay Packers Program vs. N.Y. Giants Bishops Charities. Lombardi, Hornung, Starr, Taylor, Kramer, Jordan, Nitschke vs. Tittle, Gifford, Patton etc. Real Nice. $110.

1964 Wash. Senators press radio tv guide, about 40 pages with Gil Hodges. Ex+ $55.

1964 Football Program. N.Y. Giants with Webster, Katcavage, Robustelli etc. vs. Phila. Eagles with Retzlaff, Cross. Ex-Mt. with Ticket Stub. $88.

1964 N.Y. Jets Official Yearbook. Mint. $90.

1964 New York Mets Yearbook, EX/MT $165.

1965 NY Yankees Yearbook by Jay Publications. Real Nice. $105.

1965 NCAR Tennis Championships Program. UCLA's Arthur Ashe, Mike Belkin. 24pgs. & Draw Sheet. Ex+. $85.

1965 N.Y. Giants at Yankee Stadium vs. Chicago Bears with Ditka, Butkus as rooke of the year, Sayers etc. Ex+. $95.

1965 NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden vs. Detroit Pistons. Second game is Phila. 76ers with Wilt Chamberlain vs. St. Louis Hawks. Ex-Mt. $145.

1965 NY Yankees Yearbook with Mantle, Maris. Mint. $310.

1965 All American Football Game with Butkus, Staubach, Piccolo, Snow, Sayers. 34 great pgs. Ex-Mt. $135.

1965 March Ring Mag.  What is the real Clay story and loaded with rankings.  $25.

1965 Mahv Shrine North & South game.  South has Jurgenson, Cothren, Bosseler, etc..North has Kilmer, Tubbs.  Has a memorial to Harry Agganis.  High Grade.  $90.

1965 N.Y. Giants Football program vs. St. Louis Cardinals. 60 pgs. nice with ticket stub. $82.

1965 New York Football Press Radio and Television Guide. 92 Ex-Mt. pgs. Real nice. $78.

1965 30th Annual All-College Basketball Tournament.  Bowling Green, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Wyoming, Xavier, OCU, R.I, Wichita...Ex-Mt.  $29.

1965 Referee Magazine with Worlds Heavyweight Champion Cassius Clay & Floyd Patterson. Both pictured on cover and articles inside.  Super magazine and mighty midget wrestlers on back cover.  NM. $170.

1965 NY Giants at Yankee Stadium vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, nice. $95.

1965 Alabama Paul Bryant w/Ray Perkins, Kenny Stabler, etc. vs. Tennessee w/Art Galiffa, etc. NM $55.

1966 Phila. Eagles at home with Retzlaff, Brown vs. NY Giants with Katcavage etc. 84pgs. nice. $60.

1966 Famous Slugger Yearbook with Clemente, T. Conigliaro and others...Ex...$55

1966 31st. Annual All-College Basketball Tournament.  DePaul, Stanford, Mass, Okla City, Temple, Azizona St., Montana St., Texas A&M.  NM  $37.

1966 Boston Patriots vs. K.C. Chiefs. AFL with Parelli, Buoniconte etc. vs. Dawson, Williamson, Garrett, Budde etc. Beautiful reading. Ex+ $120.

1966 Penn relay track and field program..real nice. $55

1966 Phila. Eagles Program vs. Pitt. Steelers.  NM $67.

1966 Detroit Pistons vs. Phila. Warriors with Wilt Chamberlain. Comes with news article. Ex-Mt. $70.

1966 North Carolina State vs. Florida with Steve Spurrier. NM. $39.

1966 New York Yankees Yearbook revised edition. Some wear on front cover, otherwise real nice. $250.

1967 Baltimore Colts at home vs. Green Bay Packers with Mackey, Moore, Perkins, Bubba Smith rookie year, Unitas vs. Starr, Kramer, Jordan, Gregg etc. Very nice. $70.

1967 Phila. Eagles at Franklin Field with Scarpati, Peters, Ditka etc. vs. Baltimore Colts with Unitas, Curtis, Orr. Nice. $57.

1967-68 St. Louis Hawks Porgram with Wilkens vs. Baltimore Bullets with Rookie Earl Monroe. Ex+ $45.

1967 Referee Magazine World HeavyWeight Championship pictured on front Cassius Clay champion vs. Ernie Terrell+ 2other full pages about both men.  Also story about the great Barney Ross.  11x14.  In great condition.  $155.

1967 New York Yankees Yearbook revised edition. Front cover has Mickey Mantle. Ex-Mt. $240.

1968 Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears with Bob Hayes, Don Meredith, Lilly etc. vs. Brian Piccolo, Butkus etc. Ex+. $89.

1968 Jan. Ring Mag. Ex. Joe Louis Says and All-Time Dream fight with Dempsey vs. Corbett. Has a lot about Clay, Olson, and wrestlings Rocca, Monsoon, Sammertino. $30.

1968 Ring Mag. Clay-Marciano-Quarry.  Ex.  $28.

1968 Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons program with Brian Piccolo. NM $69

1968 Los Angelos Rams official Press, Radio & TV Guide $25

1968 ST. Louis Football Offical Guide…real nice $35

1968-69 N.Y. Knicks Yearbook with Phil Jackson etc. NM. $70.

1968 New York Yankees Yearbook. Ex-Mt. $200.

1969 New York Yankees Yearbook. Nice. $135.

1969 New York Giants vs. New York Jets at Yale Bowl with Tarkenton, Dryer vs. Namath, Turner etc. Real nice. $72.

1969 Green Bay Packers from the Hall of Fame game with Starr, Nitschke, Greegg and the rest vs. Falcons. NM. $45.

1969 St. Louis Cardinals football media guide 97 pages.  NM $24.

1969 L.A. Times Charity Game Program.  LA Rams vs. Cowboys.  Ex-Mt $64.

1969 North-South with Terry Bradshaw. 78clean pgs. $75.

1969 Ring Mag loaded with facts about Rocky Marciano. The best Ring mag. I have read. EX-MT $35

1969 Dodgers Yearbook.  Real nice...even has a picture of Jerry Quarry.  Ex-Mt.  $44.

1969 Phila. 76ers Program with Cunningham, Greer etc. vs. Detroit Pistons with Bing, Bellamy and gang. Plenty to read. Ex. $45.

1969-70 San Francisco vs. Atlanta Hawk with Jerry Lucas. Ex+. $45.

1970 Phila. 76ers Program with Cunningham, Luke Jackson etc. vs. San Francisco Warriors. Ex-Mt. Plenty of reading. $50.

1971 S.F. 49ers Official Program with Brodie vs. LA Rams with Gabrial. 110 pgs. NM. $25.

1971 S.F. 49ers Official Program with vs. Minn. Vikings. NM $25.

1971 New York Giants Official football yearbook. NM $32

1971 Hockey 24th. Annual All-Star Game at Boston Garden. Mikita, Clarke, Perreault, Hull, Orr, Howe. NM. $190.

1972 New York Jets Press-TV-Guide with Riggins, Namath, Roster. 102pgs. Real nice. $46.

1972 Aug. 13,  49ers vs. Browns Football program . Ex-Mt $23

1972 Yankees old timers day. 4 mint pgs. $21.

1972 New York Yankees Yearbook. Ex-Mt. $115.

1972 Baltimore Colts Media Guide with Mike Curtis, Ted Hendricks, John Mackey, Bubba Smith and John Unitas.  Cover is a little weak, inside is great. EX/MT $60.

1972 All Star Game Official Program w/Murtaugh - Manager, Clemente, Mays, Aaron, etc. vs. Norm Cash, Ryan, Yastrzemski, Murcer, etc. MINT $135.

1973 New York Jets Press-TV-Guide with Roster, Namath, Riggins. 114pgs. Nice. $46.

1973 Dodgers Yearbook super piece.  NM  $18.

1973 Green Bay Packers Media Guide EX/MT $40.

1973-74 Chicago Bulls Press Guide Yearbook. Ex-Mt. $28.

1973-74 N.Y. Rangers Yearbook. 116 pgs. NM. $42.

1973 Baltimore Colts Media Guide with Ted Hendricks, Glenn Ressler, Bubba Smith, etc. EX/MT $29.

1974 New York Jets Yearbook loaded with photo's & statistics. 58pgs. Nice. $70.

1974-75 Chicago Bulls Press Guide Yearbook.  Ex-MT. $26.

1974 Green Bay Packers Media Guide, Brockington, Buchanon & Hendricks EX/MT $25.

1974 Baltimore Colts Media Guide with Mike Curtis, Ted Hendricks, Bert Jones and Lydell Mitchell EX/MT $24.

1974 NY Mets Yearbook, 38 pages EX. $45.

1974 Baseball All Time All Star Game at Three Rivers Stadium w/full pages & pictures of Mantle, Kaline, B. Robinson, Ed Williams, Aaron, Mays, Musial, Clemente. Mention of Pirates Paul Waner, P. Trayner, Vaughan, Mace Brown, Bob Elliot, Al Lopez, Elbie Fletcher, Rip Sewell, Frank Gustine, Ralph Kiner, Dale Long, Hank Foiles, Smokey Burgess, etc. Plus, AL All Star Roster & NL All Star Roster, so much more. NM/MT $45.

1975 New York Jets Yearbook with many photo's & stats. Nice. $65.

1975 New York Yankees Yearbook. NM. $105.

1975 Detroit Lions Official Press & TV Facts. $50.

1975 Green Bay Packers Media Guide with Bart Starr - Coach, plus Hendricks EX/MT $55.

1975 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide, Head Coach Bud Grant with Carl Eller, Alan Page, Fran Tarkenton & Ron Yary EX/MT $50.

1975 Baltimore Colts Media Guide with Bert Jones and Rick Volk EX/MT $22.

1975-76 Chicago Bulls Yearbook, NM $30.

1976 Pittsburgh Pirates with Most Memorable personality Clemente. Nice. $80.

1976-77 Chicago Bulls Yearbook.  Ex-Mt. $28.

1976 Baltimore Colts Media Guide with Roger Carr and Bert Jones EX/MT $20.

1977-78 UCLA Basketball Media Guide...Ex...$19.

1977-78 Chicago Bulls Yearbook. Ex-Mt. $26.

1977 Baltimore Colts Media Guide John Dutton, Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell, etc. $18.

1977 Green Bay Packers Media Guide, Bart Starr Coach $45.

1978-79 Chicago Bulls Yearbook & Media Guide.  Real Nice. $26.

1978 Yankees Souvenir Program vs. KC. Royals.  Mint.  Loaded...$24.

1978 Edition Pro Football Complete handbook of all, Walter Payton etc… EX $23

1978-1979 Notre Dame Basketball Guide ...$24.

1978 Dodgers Championship series vs. Phillies Ex-Mt+  Loads of Dodgers. $75.

1978 American League Championship series at Yankee stadium vs. KC Royals. Super piece. NM. $68.

1978 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide, Bud Grant - Coach with Chuck Foreman, Alan Page, Ahmad Rashad, Fran Tarkenton and Ron Yary $20.

1978 Baltimore Colts Media Guide, nice. $28.

1978 Green Bay Packers Media Guide. $35.

1979 New York Yankees Yearbook revised edition. Ex-Mt. $75.

1979 Football-AFC-NFC-Wild card Playoff game. NM $35

1979 Green Bay Packers Media Guide with Bart Starr - Coach plus Lofton EX/MT $45.

1979 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide, Bud Grant - Head Coach with Chuck Foreman, Ahmad Rashad and Ron Yary EX/MT $20.

1979 Baltimore Colts Media Guide, nice. $26.

1980 Green Bay Packers Media Guide Bart Starr - Coach EX/MT $40.

1980 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide with Ahmad Rashad, Sammy White, Ron Yary and Coach Bud Grant, NM $20.

1981 Baltimore Colts Media Guide. Ex-Mt. $25.

1981 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide Jim Langer, Ahmad Rashad, Ron Yary and Coach Bud Grant, NM/MT $20.

1982 Green Bay Packers Yearbook.  Approx. 65 pgs. Ex-Mt $23.

1982 White Sox vs. Yankees old timers game. 4 mint pgs. $20.

1982 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide Ahmad Rashad, Sammy White, Ron Yary and Coach Bud Grant, NM/MT $20.

1982 Baltimore Colts Media Guide, nice. $27.

1983 Boston Red Sox Yearbook with Yaz on the cover. NM. $45.

1983 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide Jeff Siemen, Sammy White and Joey Browner NM $20.

1984 USFL Championship Game. Philadelphia vs. Arizona. NM. $32.

1984-85 Kentucky Basketball Media Guide. $19.

1984 San Francisco Official Yearbook. Super. NM. $30.

1984 Green Bay Packers Media Guide Forrest Gregg - Head Coach & John Jefferson and James Lofton EX/MT $45.

1984 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide with Joey Browner and Archie Manning NM $35.

1985 Notre Dame Football Guide..Ex-Mt. $21.

1986 New York Jets Yearbook. Real Nice. $35.

1989 Green Bay Packers Media Guide Sterling Sharpe and Tony Mandarich EX/MT $30.

1989 Minnesota Vikings Media Guide EX/MT $20.

1993 World Series Official Souvenir Scorebook. Mint. $35.

Legends Sport Hobby Edition H110 Derek Jeter Volume 12 #6 Mint $38.

Legends Sports Mint Reggie Jackson, Michael Jordan hobby edition.  Vol. 10 #3.  $29.